Phone case for iPhone 13 Mini

R 199.00

Product information:

This phone case will perfectly fit the following phone models:

  1. APPLE iPhone 13 MINI

Phone cases:

Our phone cases are made of transparent Thermoplastic Polyurethane. Phone cases made of TPU are known for their durability and resistance to shock, scratch and abrasion. The wall thickness of our cases is 2mm thick ensuring real protection for your mobile device. We do not offer slim cases for the main reason that they do not offer actual protection for your phone.  The advantages of TPU cases over PC or Silicone cases are that PC (hard cases) scratch easily and silicone cases do not offer the same level of protection.

Printing process:

All cases are printed using digital UV printing technology where the ink is instantly cured by ultraviolet light. This printing method ensures a print which is fade, scratch and peel resistant and provides an improved gloss finish.  All images are printed by a simultaneous three-layer print. One layer for white, second layer for color and finally a clear varnish layer.